Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Things I miss....

PEOPLE I miss....
  1. UMM...all of my dear friends!
  2. I can't believe I'm putting this in print...Fernando, Rafa, Dawson, Jenelli, Jacob and Margo( my walking Mexican Neighbor lady) I miss having kids knock on the door.
  3. The crazy, old, outspoken, red head cashier at Walmart
  4. My clients!
  5. 24Th ward...(sigh)

Places I miss....

  1. My house...Yeah I said it, it's familiar and ours.
  2. Our church building, so clean and new.
  3. Taco time. YUM!
  4. Deseret Book
  5. Downeast
  6. Bruneal Tire
  7. The Temple
  8. Artic Circle
  9. Boise Mall
  10. Graples
  11. Macy's
  12. Port of subs

Things I miss...

  1. Girls Nights
  2. book club
  3. snow
  4. sprinkler system
  5. fence
  6. Stacy's couch
  7. Tiffany's food (parties)
  8. dog park
  9. Tues. Morning ballet w Maycee
  10. school starting at 8:25 a.m.
  11. grass
  12. evergreens
  13. mountains
  14. glee nights
  15. bachelor nights
  16. blizzards with the girls
  17. Lunch dates
  18. hot tub nights
  19. game nights
  20. Sunday dinner with friends


Jami said...

such a small list ;P I know your #1 miss is us Barlows lol. maybe some day we can make the move there - fingers crossed

Smiths forever said...

You are an amazing women and I look up to you so much!!! Love you