Friday, November 14, 2008

Maycee helped make cookies! I think she's the only one who ate them.

When no one's looking....

Kyi likes to take pictures of himself... Someday this will be his punishment for using the camera without asking!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Food for thought!

We give our lives to that which we give our time. I have learned that it is very difficult, if not impossible to unclutter one’s life by starting at the top of the pile with the idea that the solution is to just get things sorted and better organized. It is nice to get better organized, but that is not enough. Much has to be discarded. We must actually get rid of it. To do this we need to develop a list of basics, a list of those things that are indispensable to our mortal welfare and happiness and our eternal salvation. This list must follow the gospel pattern and contain the elements needed for our sanctification and perfection. It must be the product of inspiration and prayerful judgment between the things we really need and thins we just want. It should separate need from greed. It must be our best understanding of those thins that are important as opposed to those things that are just interesting.

William R Bradford

One year ago today...

My husband was on a plane returning from the middle east. I remember how wonderful it was to here his voice when he landed safely on U.S. soil and to know that I didn't have to race to the phone in fear it would be Eric and I wouldn't pick up in time. I knew I could ignore the call until I could get a chance to call him back! I went to Virginia to see him a day or two after he got settled and ended up staying longer waiting to see if the Dr. would o.k. him to return home. I finally had to leave not knowing for sure what was going to happen. When I got home I got the call that he was coming home and soon!!! he got the worst flight and was to be home at 12a.m. Thanksgiving Day!!! I had to hurry in a snow storm and meet my parents in Ogden the minute I got off the plane. I had less than 24 hours to get things in order. I was so thrilled for my little ones! I spent a lot of time with him already I was grateful for that time! Now he could focus on the kids! Kyi had such a hard time without Eric, he was over joyed to run to him and give him that 1st big hug in a long time! Maycee was still an infant when Eric left now walking she was able to follow her big brother to this strange man she had probably seen in pictures! She had a rough week trying to understand why this strange man would not leave our house and why he could sleep in mom's bed but she is always booted out? Things adjusted over time. As I look back I am thankful for that experience, it taught us a lot about love and what it means to be a family no matter what! I am thankful this Veterans day for my husband and for all the other husbands, wives, mom's, dad's, Brother's and sister's who have been in our shoes and sacrificed probably much more than us! My heart broke for the battalion that was sent to replace my husband's Battalion. They were leaving during Christmas, I owe their wives and children a thank you! I was able to have my husband home for the holidays safe and sound!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Feeling better...

Eric is feeling Soo much better! The surgery was a success and I sleep so much better at night! Eric broke his nose while deployed and finally had it fixed a few weeks ago. They had lots of work to do they had to straighten it out, fix the deviated septum, and make his nostrils match... He can finally breath using his nose and is looking forward to playing basketball again! His nurse was really funny the whole time and even came and hung out with me while Eric was in surgery! I think we made a life long friend! Thanks Brian!