Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter morning!

This Easter was a little crazy! I got home after midnight from Idaho Falls, unpacked, said hi to Eric went to sleep only to wake up to get Eric to the airport by 6a.m. the kids and I made it to church right before the sacrament came home after church took a long nap and had dinner with friends! Eric flew into Chicago 30 min. early with a short lay over which if you have ever flew to Chicago you know early and short layovers never happen! he made it to Atlanta got a periwinkle colored rental car and drove to Athens where he will be for a couple weeks.

Katie's baby shower!

Kate and Me

Katie got about 99% of everything she needed and then some!

Katie has lots of fun ladies at work that spoiled her rotten!

Mom, she is not that big seriously!

This weekend I made a trip to Idaho Falls to host my sister's baby shower! What a long trip! I was able to see both my brothers in Pocatello and lots of friends!
We are so happy for Katie and Brian, this is their 1st baby and Eric and my 1st nephew. (Dylan) is a blessing to our family! we can't wait to meet him

Soccer Season GO #12!

Kyi had his 1st soccer game of the season! Eric is coaching his team again and is having a lot of fun! We have lots of talent and kids who have lots of energy! Kyi really looks forward to soccer all year!