Sunday, January 10, 2010

What you thought Christmas was over...

Bo was thrilled when he heard the news that my parents where coming! Can you tell?

More gifts from the parents guess what one of Eric's was....Hint.. look at the scruff on his face!

We met my parents in Boise for some shopping the day after Christmas, all the guys left us after a couple hours. I stayed with my mom...almost 9 hours of shopping!!! That will make even the most skilled shoppers exhausted. (Trust me I know!) When we got home we opened gifts made a big mess and had dinner! Can you tell I can't wait to clean up!!

Poor Mace. A hard day of shopping at the mall!!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Christmas morning always comes too early!!! This year was no exception! Mace would NOT go to sleep Christmas Eve even after a long car ride! Eric and I finally passed out and we found Maycee out in the family room at 3A.M. checking out what Santa had brought. Luckily she didn't unwrap any gifts! Kyi sleeps like a log so he was up at the crack of dawn...UGGG I'm sorry mom and dad, I know I did the same to my parents!! It's not fun. I woke up with the biggest headache and Eric was hardly functioning! Even though we suffered from lack of sleep the day was wonderful and the kids had a great morning which means we did too!
Miss Maycee with her Fairy wings!

Kyi Begged for Boots! He was thrilled!!

Yep... that's really my hair, and yeah it does look like a wig!!

I think she's mocking us! GO TO BED MAYCEE!!! We still had gifts to wrap!!!

Kyi, Jace, Maycee,Ty, and Christian acting out the Christmas story Christmas eve!