Friday, October 24, 2008

The Navy Ball

We invited kyli & Garret and Stacy & Nate to the Navy Ball which usually is really fun! this year not so much! We felt really bad that they came with us the one year it was a real snooze! everyone else had a good time because they took off after dinner down town for some "traditional Navy fun"! Oh Well! Maybe next year they will get a D.j. again, instead of the Army band!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kyi and Maycee

Well, time does go by and I guess it's time to share some of my thoughts on raising children...
I love Kyi...I love Kyi now that school has started. he has taken to this change with focused enthusiasm. If you know Kyi you know that those to words together are odd! He is so fun to watch grow up and has the confidence to excel at anything he puts his mind to. He is such a gentleman to his sister and always quick to forgive a beating over the head with a toy. Although I can see it getting old fast. Last Sunday at stake conference we were near the front (we had to be there for a meeting before so we were actually on time!) Our kids were having the worst Sunday they have ever had. I have come to terms that our kids do not always have the behavior that invites the Spirit, and it is one thing in your ward where everyone is pretty much family and understands. It's another during stake conference in the front while Maycee punches Kyi in the head and gives him a final drop kick to the stomach because he is lounging on the floor and I keep on asking him to sit on the bench... She was just trying to help and I get that, I do. Kyi didn't and cried so loud! at least we knew he didn't have a collapsed lung. Kyi was trying his "sweet WWF moves on Eric because he wanted to go home. Eric had to pick Kyi up and carry him out like he was the one that was two... NAP TIME AFTER CHURCH!!!!
I promise maycee is a pretty sweet girl she loves to dance and sing. her real passion are shoes.
when Kyi is at school we go shopping. Maycee takes off her shoes and tries on all the high heals in the store. When she finds a pair she likes she "cur clunks" herself to the closest mirror and gives herself an up, down, and side angled look then calls for me to look and give her a compliment. They are getting big fast and I used to not understand why grandparents would be so unhappy about there children growing up. I'm starting to slowly... These two little stinkers are two of the best best things in my life Heavenly Father knew I would need them as motivation to grow closer to him. They teach me so much and not just their "sweet moves" but the kindness and forgiveness they show to each other and to us as their parents. I have said it before and know without doubt that our lives are parables, teaching us if we are aware and focused on our lives and do the things that keep us in tune with the spirit. Our relationship with our children are a perfect example of this!

Eric's big day

Eric has made a huge leap of faith. After many prayers, pages turned, and tears he was baptized. this was a day, honestly I wasn't expecting any time soon, but knew that our Father in Heaven wants what's best for his children and with the love that Eric has for him I knew there was a good change we would see this day. We have so many blessings to be thankful for and have endured many trials through our short time together. My heart is full off joy when I look to the future and where the past has brought us. I am Thankful for our Savior and the example of selflessness and perfect Love he has for each one of us. As I watch Eric grow in the gospel I am humbled at the magnificence of our fathers eternal Plan for us. My testimony has been strengthened and my own seed of faith has been planted and is being nurtured. Eric is such a strong leader in our home not by his words but by example. he guides us with patients, humility and love. I know our father in heaven has a plan for him and I pray that I may sustain him in all things.
my dad baptized Eric and his uncle Dave confirmed him. Uncle Dave is the only member of the Church in erics famiy it is a true blessing to our family. He seems to always be a peace keeper and the one everyone goes to for advice...I know Dave and Eric have a lot in common!
We are so grateful for these two worthy Priesthood holders to be able to assist Eric with his 1st covenant with our Father in Heaven. We are also thankful to ALL the missionaries through the years and amazing family and friends.