Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bo a.k.a. Boa

All of our balls in the back yard look like this now!
Bo is a 2 year old 100lb German Shepherd! he loves balls... any kind of death!
Bo is a funny guy! We have fell in love with this big character!

He looks like all business but don't let him fool you! he's a sweetheart! Ask him what an owl says, he'll whoo for you! This guy has the best manners and is AMAZING with our kiddos!

Navy Birthday Ball

Ambrose and Saxton partners in crime...these two yahoos are always up to "no good" when their together! Silly boys!
sometimes these social events get way too serious!

Dyan Saxton and me! Isn't she a doll! If you want to feel like a big fat giant just have your pic taken next to this little cutie pie!

Our table. they were selling the center pieces for only $25. One of the sailors made them!

Eric, me, Dyan, and Saxton!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

tiny dancer

Maycee started ballet last month! It has been so fun to watch her "on a new stage" ! We really like her teacher (Miss Kim), she is so fun and has the ability to wrap those little girls around her little finger.

So, Mace is usually an easy going spirit and loves to please. Not so in ballet! I think I should have put her in interpretive dance instead. Maycee has her own ideas of what she would like the class to be. I finally bribed her with a new barbie if she would stay on her sticker and listen to Miss Kim...It worked she was so excited about the barbie she did her best in class and I think she had lots of fun! (plus a new barbie what's better than that. )