Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon

It's 2:00 a.m. do you know where your wife or mother is? Duh, "New Moon", of course! This soon to be nationally observed holiday known to the dedicated fans as, "National Twilight Saga Day" ( okay so I made that up, but I love holidays!) celebrates the coming together of the dead, dogs, the clumsiest of girls, hot moms, desperate house wives, and seriously more than a few men for one united purpose, to see Taylor Launter without a shirt on...( hello Mr. Hot pants!) I have to say this movie brought a lot to the table and I'm not talking about those poor unexpecting tourists! There were cheers, tears, and did I mention Taylor Lautner looking like a fresh piece of meat...yum! k, I'm done I promise!! ( for now)
Monica O., Me, and Stacy R. waiting in anticipation, Umm, I have to mention we got perfect seats. I was thinking to myself, " why Jacob, what big musc....Eyes you have..."!

Look at all those faces, not bad for the early morning hours knowing we have to get kids up at 7:00 a.m. and off to school! I'm pretty sure we were all thinking the same thing...It's okay for my husband to go to the gym right after work for 3 hours, I can handle the kids. It will give me more reading time and my husband could mutate into a hot-super tan-hairless-teenage werewolf.
I have to make myself clear at this point in my posting, I am more team Edward, you can't fight fate. Poor sweet sculpted Jacob never got a chance, he never made it to the play offs, so really there is no team Jacob... don't worry those big brown eyes though, your lady in waiting will soon be in a theater near you, and shes H...ybride (and hot) and lets face it Bella, younger!

Until then I must leave you, I'm no good for you...
I'll see you in June [Mr.] so don't do anything reckless!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day

This month and this day 2 years ago Eric was boarding a plane in the middle of the night to return home from his deployment in the middle east. Thanks to the good friends and bloody football games that kept Eric busy while away from home!
Eric's crib in the desert!

Aww.. a little bit of home in D.C.

Eric at the pier, no volleyball and bikinis on this beach!
Just a super sexy sailor!

James Langworthy was my mothers cousin who lost his life in Vietnam.
Thank you to all who serve, have served and the families that sustain them and have grieved for them. we love you and pray for you.

What I'm Thankful for....not in any order...

1. My understanding of my purpose on this earth and the every day opportunities to have my understanding expanded.

2. My family. The joy these people bring to me and others is nothing but delightful! Watching my children grow with strong healthy bodies, minds, and spirits is wonderful!

3. The United States of America, "One nation under God".

4. My sweet husband, who serves his family, community, country, and most important his Father in Heaven. This guy loves with no reservations and is a ambassador for kindness. He is so humble and willing to to fail in order to succeed. Integrity never takes a back seat.

5. My parents, I love to give these guys a hard time...My parents are some of the most open people I have ever met. My mom has taught me "what the heck, what do you have to loose?"! and to always find a way to be resourceful. Where there's a will there is a way! My dad, is a lot like my husband and one of the hardest working men I have ever met. He has an infectious laugh, and a great personality. Patients should be his middle name.

6. My Grandma, This woman is simply incredible and should be an example to young women everywhere. She is irresistibly cute, unbelievingly kind, patient, Intelligent, WELL EDUCATED, loving, talented, I could go on and on!!! I'm grateful she married my grandfather and loves him. she is one of the best parts of our family!

7. My grandfather, without this man our family might not have the knowledge of the restored gospel. He is a man of courage, strength, and an ability to always be right...even the 1 time he was wrong;) Gramps is a "man's man" but not beneath learning to quilt, to court a hot lady! Most would say he's a tough guy, but he is one of the most loving and soft hearted men I know. He understands mercy, and the Saviors love for man kind. My grandfather went from being a Marine serving his nation to having a family, to being a single dad and raising his children on his own. His children adore him. He and his kids(8 yrs old) were baptized on the same day in to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and have lived it sense. He loves his wife and will into eternity with everything he has as well as the rest of his family. He will be forever giving service, loving little children, and finding joy in his posterity as we make choices that make us one big eternal family! With NO excuses!

8. My home, small not fancy, but ours. This home keeps us warm at night, provides a place for protection from the world, and a place to make and keep memories.

9. Prayer is a wondrous gift! I'm so thankful to be able to kneel and pray to Our Father in Heaven and plead to him, give thanks and praise Him, I'm thankful I'm never alone.

10. My Father in Heaven, The Savior, & The Spirit. I'm so thankful for the love, eternal guidance, and mercy I can't express the gratitude I have...The hymn; "how Great Though Art" always comes to mind. I'm thankful for my testimony of a living Savior who died in order for us to overcome the pitfalls and just plain human NESS , to live with our Heavenly Father who loves us and waiting for our return so we can live together as, once again an eternal family.

11. My body and mind for the functions they do flawlessly and the ability to grow and respond to my growing needs.

12. talents I have and the talents of others.

13. The act of service and the blessings that come.

14. Good friends who lift up spirits and make you laugh 'til you might pee your pants. I'm thankful to be a friend and value and love people who can do the same.

15. Trials, that give me perspective and the ability to find my way and test me to limits I didn't know was possible.

16. lessons learned...over and over again!

17. Smiles, something so simple that we all have and can give away freely, wither it comes from our faces or our souls!

18.character, it's what we are and how we get to the next step...

19.dishwashers... if you know me you know why!

2o.Surprises, Mostly the good usually means someone was thinking of you, or you have the chance to bring a burst of joy to someone else!

I could go on but my husband is waiting for me to get off the computer and give him some attention!!!


Happy Halloweeners!

Normally Halloween isn't my favorite. But this year I have to say was pretty fun! Not for any real reason, just watching the kids get dressed up and enjoy themselves! We went trunk or treating on Friday night lots of cuties on the hunt for candy! Saturday we went trick or treating then out to dinner with the Dummars.

The Dummar kids and ours decided that Bo needed to get into the Halloween spirit and did their best to dress him up...Thanks Bo, for taking one for the team!!!
Kyi was a G.I. Joe and Maycee was a ladybug. They were so tired by the time we went trick or treating, pictures were the last thing they wanted to do! Oh well, this is my favorite part!