Saturday, August 21, 2010

HOME SWEET (soon to be) HOME

YUP, Ya'll read right! Our new orders will send us packin' to Fort Hood Texas! Ft. Hood is near Austin, in a town called killeen. We are hoping to find a house in Copperas Cove, Harker Heights, or Belton TX. All seem to be great small communities. We will be praying to find the right home and the right school district! We are excited about the big move and are grateful we have the opportunity to Serve our Nation, with that said we're sad to be leaving our home and dear friends. What will we ever do without you?

Everything's BIGGER in Texas!

What am I looking forward to most about our new home?

" the BIGGER the hair the closer to GOD"

You got it! Texas hair makes Utah look like they don't even try!!!
Let's face it, We Idaho Ladies live in Utah's "beehive" shadow!

"Deep In The Heart Of..."

A "cut" above...

You think it will never happen to you. I have fixed hundreds of children's do-it-themselves haircuts. I know that scissors are to be hidden under lock and key and NEVER tell your child No when they ask for a haircut. I've done many pretend haircuts to appease children so they don't take matters into their own hands. Where did I go wrong??? I told Mace she could get a juice drink from the garage and it took her a little too long, she found my shears on my station and well need I say more....We will get through this and in 6 months to a year hopefully we can put it in the past. UGH!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Okay, so it's been a while...

We've been so busy this summer with Eric gone...

I have been so busy slaving away cooking and cleaning...(RIGHT)

I haven't had a chance to get caught up on our "CRAZY" life!
( Eric and I thought she looked just like Nick Nolte)
What do you think?

Really, I haven't lost my mind...

Because I have This....



and they have these.....

We got this....Yep, It's too ashamed to show it's face right now.
I'm not going to lie, I love it and I didn't give the Jeep a second thought. I contemplated on getting plates that said " RDNDRTY". Not sure if I'm the only one who would think that was funny though!

Change is good...

With the stress of preparing for Eric to leave us for training at Fort Sill OK, and me being alone with the kids for 5 months.....I lost it!! My hair that is. I needed a change and it was "now or never"!

Just kidding I'm not quit that brave!!

...But I did get a new shorter style.

Change IS good!

Quack, Quack, Quack!

Maycee had her 1st dance recital just days after all the family left. She did great I won't lie I had some serious doubts! Let's just say her attitude wasn't always in it to win it!!

Happily ever after....

May was full of events and lots of family! My Grandparents were able to come to our sealing! Yep you read me right! We are an eternal family!! We were able to share this day with our family and friends. It was (I'm pretty sure) the best day of our entire lives. I'm so thankful for My sweet husband and the Faith and Prayers that moved him to being baptized and to progress in the gospel the last couple of years. I couldn't imagine my world without him!! I love you! My grandpa gave me some good advice when we were 1st married, " Make sure you are a good relief society wife, and he'll come around". Well, I did my best, but I'm pretty sure Eric sets a better example of charity, patience, and Faith! But I did my best to follow gramp's advice.

Just over two years ago I decided I wanted to go to the temple and Eric gave me his blessing and supported me in my wish. When I was there one of the sweet temple workers asked if my husband was there with me, I said no and bless her heart she said, " He will be". seven months later Eric was baptized. Our Father in Heaven knows the desires of our hearts!

...and this is my JOY!

We're In The Army Now

The year has past by so fast I've lost track of time and have fell behind on my mommy duties! I'll do my best to rewind the year as I remember it!
Well I swore I'd never stand for it, but oh well. Eric joined the Army. The Lord Played a big role in the decision. Eric has wanted to go back for over 10 years and finally he got his chance. So long Navy, Hello Army! We were blessed with a MOS that is in the beginning stages in the Army the technology behind it will hopefully save many lives! The icing on the cake was being one of the few right now, who got to keep our rank!! This does mean we're moving, where you ask....Ummm, your guess is as good as ours! keep reading for the big announcement!