Friday, March 30, 2012

Welcome back!

Nothing's better than hearing your soldier is coming home early. When Eric left this time we didn't know how long he was going to be gone. He had orders for a year. With the pull to get our guys out of Iraq, but the stability of Iraq in question and the amount of violence still happening we knew anything could happen. We just had to wait it out, watch the news (political decisions being made), and not listen to rumors. It worked out in our favor this time and he was able to come home early. We were so blessed to have him home before Christmas and Kyi's birthday! The anticipation was killing us! We couldn't wait to see him! The best part of being an Army wife for me is always the home coming. Knowing we got through it again and we survived some how! We always pray that as long as he has to go we get a home coming at the end. We pray for ALL of the troops and their families that the will have comfort and know they are supported and loved. The Iraqi troops and police officers who are responsible for keeping peace need our prayers too! We left them big shoes to fill and they can't do it without the same love, support!

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