Friday, June 26, 2009

dylan Jackson

Mr. dylan at 4 weeks
We went to Idaho Falls this weekend to visit family and interduce Kyi and Maycee to their new cousin! It was love at 1st sight! How can you resist a face like that! I would have put him in my purse and brought him home with me, but I know my husband would have made me give him back. I think Katie and Brian would know something was missing too!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sweet is the Work!

The girls thought this was appropriate attire for 1st aid certification!

Cute Girls!!!

That ape just body slammed the chicken.
I think I laid an egg!

Cast of Hairspray?

What up yo!

It's a jungle out there!

happy camper!

These two caused some ruckus!

two of the best Jr. leaders!

our girls

Oops! That monkey wasn't crate trained!
we were laughing to0 hard!
Tiffany you're awesome!

Best ward camp Director!



This year I was asked to do 1st year certification for the stake! I think you can tell we had lots of fun! I had the chance to work with the best group of Jr. leaders, 15
to be exact! and 39 1st years!
Some of my best memories are from girls camp, so I was thrilled when I was asked to go! camp is a place where you learn so much about yourself and recognizing the potential you have to be self sufficient, outgoing and willing to make new life long friends, most important to feel the Spirit and the love that our Father in Heaven has for each one of his daughters young and old. What a wonderful place to experience these things! We are all so different and have been blessed with lots of amazing talents. It is interesting to how so many females can live together outside with no showers and questionable toilets for a week.
I think we showed the girls a good time and what girls camp is all about...and maybe a couple leaders too!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June Rush!

Grandpa playing wii
Gramps is a serious competitor, I don't think there isn't a sport he can't play and beat you at!

What the heck happened to June? We have been running around like crazy and have had lots of family in town to visit! Kyi is an official big kid! kind of... He has graduated from kindergarten and lost his 1st tooth all in one day! I was so excited for him, I remember being one of the last out of all of my friends to loose my 1st tooth. I had lost my very first tooth and was overjoyed at the gaping hole it had left I was beaming with pride while I walked to my friends house to show off my new and more spacious grill... she was not impressed the slightest she was way ahead looking like a jack-o-lantern!! Dang!
Side note... the Tooth fairy needs to pay more attention to how much change she puts under the pillow... I could have swore she only left a $1. Kyi woke up to more... I guess the tooth fairy had a long night!
We also had our favorite visitors come stay with us for a couple of days! My grandparents spent some time with us playing Wii and fixing Maycee's broken down trike! Thanks Gramps! after 2 trips to Lowe's and getting lost, (darn Garmin huh!) she has a sweet ride! It was nice to have the help and the company.
Jeremy also spent a few weeks with us. He has got to be the best kid in the world, I'm sure we bored him to tears! What a handsome boy! he let me cut his long curls off! It was a little sad but we got through it!