Thursday, December 3, 2009


Kyi's story began on Dec. 2nd 2002. I remember having a Dr. appointment that afternoon then spending most of the day shopping. My parents wanted me to go to Utah with them to see my grandparents off on their mission. There was no way I was going! I had 3 weeks to my due date and being stuck in a mini van for 3 hours was not going to happen. On their way out of town they stopped by The Dr.'s office, to try and catch me and talk me into going. I had left already. The Doctor told them I would be fine to go if I wanted to. When I got home that evening I was flipping through channels, Not having cable left me nothing to watch but "Fear Factor" and that's when it happened. The sharpest, stabbing pain I have ever felt in my lower abdomen. This pain went away then returned a few minutes later and no this was not from the nasty thing I was watching the contestants eat! I called my family but they where out of range, I called a friend who took me to the hospital. I had two amazing friends there to help me through the delivery. Karen and Zeke!!! what would I have done without them! They were the best coaches and support I could have had! THANK YOU! Zeke video tapped and Karen cut the cord. Kyi's delivery was the easiest and most relaxing delivery ever...besides the cramping, burning, stretching & ripping. I was wishing my epidural had worked where I needed most!
Kyi was born at 10:28p.m. that evening after only a short 3 hour labor!
I finally got a hold of my grandparents to let them know that I had just given birth and to let my parents know when they got there...I received a call soon after from my mom, I let her know I was thankful I had not giving birth on the side of the freeway in a mini van!
Look at this guy!!! I have to say it was worth it! Kyi has brought so much to our lives. He is so Witty and smart! He has such a loving heart and eager to please unless it has to do with chores!! He has the ability to make us laugh at anytime and is always willing to laugh at himself! This guy has talent beyond his years. He can do anything he sets his mind to! Kyi has taught me many lessons about life and not to worry about the small stuff. He keeps me on my toes as well as on my knees as I pray for guidance to be the mother he needs me to be.
Kyi at 3 1/2

Kyi at 2 1/2 and Teylar 2 1/2
They totally have crushes on each other I hear wedding bells!

Kyi at 7 months

Kyi at 2 months

Me 8 months pregnant with Kyi and Callie 5 months pregnant with Teylar at our baby shower.

Just a few extra....

My parents brought this deadly catch back from their cruise last month for the kids. We celebrated Kyi's birthday during our visit so It was time to pull out the foolishness and mayhem.
I think this may have been the very moment this seemed not to be such a good idea....

Oh, road trips...I hate to stop, unless you are going to pee your pants. I try to pack everything we need and then some!

While I was packing, Bo kept Maycee busy. Thanks bo!!

AWWW... I just thought this one was cute!!! Bo must have tuckered Miss Mace out!

Thanksgiving weekend

mom, Kyi, Jeremy

HA HA!! Santa wants to feel the cool breeze flowing through his beard, and the roar of a hog rather than those over rated reindeer, this year!

Can't get away from this guy!

K... I didn't rotate this pic, but these are all watches and blingy bands.
Holy Crap!


We went south for Thanksgiving to visit my parents in Utah, over all we had lots of fun! they took us to the down town winter festival and parade! Behind us is my mom's shop!
Eric and Jeremy

Me and Jeremy

Eric, Jeremy, my dad, Maycee, and Kyi!

side note....#1 it was FREAKIN' COLD!!! I can't believe Jeremy didn't DIE without a coat!!!
#2. chestnuts are repulsive!!! I don't care if they are roasted, boiled, or battered and fried! (which makes everything taste amazing)
#3. Where's my mom in these pics you ask... doing business and socializing!!!

carriage ride